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Scotland is a beautiful country. I’m sorry to say there’s an awful lot of it that I’ve only seen on TV or in books & magazines. When I lived in Edinburgh I used to tell myself that I’d explore more of the country, and of course I could do so whenever I wanted because it was right there on my doorstop.

Except I never really did. When you know you can do something whenever you want, there’s a tendency to put it off. Well, there is for me! So in moving back to Scotland I want to make sure I get to know where I’m living, and make use of my free time to explore more of this beautiful land.

I took a day off work today and decided to visit Culzean Castle, a National Trust site on the Ayrshire coast. I drove the coast road to get there (A719), and the views were stunning!

Being a National Trust member means free parking & entry (woo hoo!) so I rocked up and immediately had some lunch (Haggis Pakora, get in!) since I hadn’t eaten until then. Managed to find a table with a view….

I then went for a wander round the Castle itself. Built in the late 1700s and designed by one of Scotland’s greatest architects, Robert Adam, the interior is beautifully preserved and laid out, and surrounded by a huge estate and gardens.

I wandered around some of the estate, including a ramble down to one of the beaches nearby. It was a beautiful day ❤️

I’ll definitely go back to explore some of the other paths around the estate, and wander down to the other beaches. Having this on my doorstep is so great! I can’t wait to see more of the area.

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