Fresh Start


It’s time for a change.

The past couple of years have witnessed changes of various magnitudes in my life, mostly very positive, and all in all I’m very happy with life and where it’s going.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by taking on too much though, and before you know it, all your good intentions are out of the window and you’re sinking under the weight of everything you’re trying to do, before you come to realise you’re actually really tired and just treading water without really going anywhere.  Or at least going where you thought you wanted to go.

So for that reason I’ve decided to refocus.  Not in a ‘let’s now go in THIS direction and try 40 million new things!’ way, but more of a ‘let’s chill out, relax, regroup and continue down the right path’.  Of course that’s quite a loaded statement; it assumes I know what the right path is.  Well, what I can say there are a lot of things I do that definitely work, and an even longer list of things I know that don’t, so that’s a pretty good starting point I think.

I’ve been thinking a lot about all the stuff I’ve tried to do in the past couple of years that have really helped move me forward – sorting out my finances, figuring out the best nutrition that really works for me and my body, and doing more of what makes me happy.  I keep coming back to the idea that all life really boils down to health, wealth and happiness.  That might sound trite and simple, but actually I think there’s a lot to unpack and examine there.  Oh, and it’s not all about making mega-bucks, in fact quite the contrary.

So if anyone fancies joining me on my journey, hop on board.  I’ve left the old blog behind (albeit the content is still accessible), and now I’m here, looking towards the future, ready to embrace a fresh start 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. I’m all about with you

    Having just come out of a place where I had too much I needed to streamline my giving of time and focus on fewer demands

    I love volunteering, training, work and spending time with family & friends but I was spreading myself too thinly.

    A period out of work also meant reassessing finances Changes are necessary but do not need to be forever.

    Work life balance can be a cliche but also a way to live a more chilled less chaotic life.

    I’m surebyoull the make the right changes for you 🤓

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