Mission possible?

On the 5th August I’m taking part in a middle distance triathlon: 1.2mile swim, 56 mile bike ride & a 13.1 miles run. About 16 weeks ago I started a training plan to get me fit enough for the race. It went well for a few weeks, and I even started riding my road bike outside again, after a hiatus of nearly 7 years.

However, a few weeks after the start of the training plan, life really got in the way. Well, I let it get in the way. I had a lot going on, I was busy most week nights with one thing or another, and stress levels were raised. Quite honestly I’ve been pretty stressed since about last September, so I got to the point something had to give, and the training was kiboshed. Eating well also followed suit, so her I am now, with 3 weeks and 3 days to go, much heavier and a lot less fitter than I planned to be.

My recent holiday was the perfect tonic to the stress I was under, and I really do feel the benefit of having been away. Life is much calmer this side of the holiday & many of the time thieves and stressors have disappeared for now.

However, I do wonder if it really is possible to get to the finish line in one piece? All I can do is fit in as much training as I can in the next few weeks and give it my best shot. It’ll be a great day out with friends, and I’m excited to undertake a tri again. I had a beautiful swim in the sea last night, albeit short as I mostly bobbed around enjoying the evening sun. I’ve been back on the spin bike, and will be swimming, biking & running again this week.

I’m also eating better again and already feeling better for it, so hopefully the weight will start to come back off & I can start the race a little lighter.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it! 😂

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