Time for a detox

It’s coming up to that time of year….time to detox. Normally I’d be talking about food of course, after the excesses of Christmas. However, this time I’m talking about social media.

For once in my life I managed to not totally overindulge this Christmas, so that was a nice bonus! I didn’t want to binge eat/drink until Hogmanay with a view to starting a new life (no. 23 bazillion) on the 1st January. I enjoyed myself and had a few drinks, but nothing too heinous. While I’m having a cheeky G&T tonight – I got a premixed can in my Christmas stocking – I’ve been eating well ahead of the first, because no sense in waiting.

While I was back to work on the 27th, I’ve obviously had a few days leave, and I’m off this weekend, and it’s come to my attention that I spend FAR too much time on Facebook and Instagram. I’m constantly picking up my phone and it’s reached the ridiculous stage. Especially so because I find FB exceedingly frustrating these days, as it’s so negative.

So while I’ll still be reachable on Messenger / text, I’m sacking off social media for the next month. It’ll be nice to remember what life is like when not beholden to a bloody phone for all the waking hours of the day.

Ironically I’ll post this blog online before I commit to the detox, but just so people don’t think I’m ignoring them. Well, I guess I kind of am 👀.

I expected I’ll not be missed anyway, haha!

Happy new year when it comes folks, and enjoy January!

Let the Pea-tox commence 😀

4 thoughts on “Time for a detox

    • Oh messenger is fine! I’m not quitting FB for good, just need a break. One day down and I’ve not missed it at all! Not blogging much these days either but still see messages on here 🙂

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