Another trip around the sun

Tomorrow I turn 45 years old. This one has snuck up on me in a way, and as much I was focusing on this birthday as a goal to aim for in terms of getting fitter and healthier, I don’t think the actual age sunk in. I mean what the actual fuck? How did that happen?? I swear i’m still early 40s……surely?

I’ve been thinking about what to write and wanted to try and be all profound etc., except honestly i’m not sure i’ve ever once been profound in the preceding 44 years, so why expect too much now? With the year we’ve had (and still having), there’s so much I could say. However, I think the simplest thing is to list all the things i’ve learned this year.

  • Daily walks are amazing
  • I love the smell of nature, especially after the rain
  • I love a beach. Cannot love a beach more
  • Living through a pandemic is hard
  • Friends and family are so important, even if I can rarely see them in the flesh
  • Sitting in your feelings and not trying to push them away is a game changer. This means feeling shit at times, but then you get through it quicker and get on with your life
  • Books are just the best. I knew that already, but it’s always worth restating
  • Mindfulness is an important part of my day, even if it’s just 5 minutes
  • Getting up early, having a coffee and reading a book or just staring out the window whilst watching the world go by is a good way to start a day
  • I absolutely bloody love lifting weights. Gives me such a buzz
  • Sugar is still a dick of a food, it still causes me issues, but i’m winning the battles on the way to winning the war
  • Being kind to yourself is so important
  • Debt sucks and now i’ve paid my car off and i’m utterly debt free, it feels like a weight off
  • Push yourself when you need to, take breaks when you need to, and don’t let others decide when either of those two should apply, especially during a pandemic
  • Learning to be happy in yourself/your body is crucial, and until you really love yourself as you are, you can’t change anything, not really
  • I am very resilient, the majority of the time
  • I miss travelling, but it’s there waiting for better times
  • Thank the voting Gods above that Biden won. Yes Donny, he did win, you massive cheeto-faced eejit
  • What’s meant for you won’t go by you, so don’t worry too much

That’s it. Stay safe folks.

2 thoughts on “Another trip around the sun

  1. Happy birthday 🥳 and thank you for sharing. Living through a pandemic is bloody hard but we’re learning lots of stuff that will make us stronger and more resilient. Loved reading your post ❤️🌈

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