As the sun sets on this decade…

…it’s time to reflect.

Normally I’d be all for reflecting on all the things that have happened – or not happened – what it all means and what massive challenge I need to set myself to start running into the new year with gusto. However, all I can think lately is that it’s a bit of a relief not to have that feeling that I need to set huge targets for myself as January 1st looms ever closer.

So why is that? Well, for sure there has been a lot of change this year. New job, moving back to Scotland after years of being in the south of England, getting through what I can only describe as the most stressful months of my career ever, and re-establishing a love of the gym and exercise again.

I feel like I always want to prove myself, mostly just to myself and no-one else, and this year I feel like I’ve achieved that, and I don’t need to set myself ridiculous targets anymore. I’ve proved I can do my job even under great duress, and it’s given me more resilience to be able to do the same again when the next seemingly impossible deadline appears. I wanted to get back into the gym and weightlifting, and out of the last 86 days I’ve done exercise on 53 of those days, which is more than I’ve done for years. Most importantly I absolutely love it and feel so much better for it.

So for once, there’s no need to restart on 1st January; all I need to do is keep going. It’s such a bloody relief I can tell you. I still have goals and dreams and I’m continuing to head towards them as I have been all year, I just don’t need to create some desperate goal at the last minute that I’m not really into, but feel I ought to create just to make myself feel better, as if somehow I can make up for all the time I didn’t spend working on my goals by overreaching into some new crazy goal.

I’ve realised that my goals will take time, and though I’m hugely impatient in general, for once I’m happy to keep making progress towards them, even if I’m not there yet. For all the years I’ve wanted everything NOW! and then given up too soon when I can’t see progress instantaneously, I could have reached my goals ten times over if I’d just stuck with them. That said, I have no regrets, as they’re pointless and just hold you in the past, I’m just happy I’m finally on my way.

On that note, I wish everyone a very happy new year when it comes, and all the best for the next decade. It’s going to be a good one 🌟

4 thoughts on “As the sun sets on this decade…

  1. Continuation and consistency is your key to success and determination

    Well done Pea I’m sure you’ll stay on you own path of success and a few wobbles along the way will be dealt with in due course

    Happy new year may it be your best yet

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