Back to the grind…

I’ve had a much needed break this last week, spending time with my pirate triathlon friends and supporting many of them as they took on the challenge of Ironman Lanzarote. It was a brutal day, and not everyone that crossed that start line managed to cross the finish line, but it’s not easy. If it was it would be football 😉

Anyway, a break in the sun is always a good thing, and it has been an appreciated week away. However, I can’t stay here forever, and I’ll soon be home and back to the grind. It’s going to be a busy month with work and my final module of my course kicking off this week, but it’ll be good.

I’ve had a few cocktails this holiday, and some ice cream and a couple of pastries. I’ve not been nearly as boozy as I have on previous trips here, and it’s been nice to spend a lot less money and have no hangovers to boot 🤣 Anyway, once I’m home it’s back to the good habits I need to re-learn/ re-cultivate.

One of my pirate pals has been eating low carb/ keto for a few years now and managed to sort out his type 2 diabetes as a result. He raced the Ironman whilst fat adapted, and did a stonking time to boot! His simple way of eating is pretty much as follows:

1. Eat clean (i.e. nothing processed etc.);

2. Swap carbs like bread/pasta/rice etc. for vegetables;

3. Avoid seed oils;

4. Take magnesium as likely to need it when you live 1. – 3.

For me, I pretty much do 2-4 other than pastries etc. falling under 2., but 1. is my kicker, especially when it comes to sugar.

So that’s the plan when I get home: get back off the sugar, and stay off it – for good.

As I wrote about before, I’m a total sugar addict so abstinence is the only option.

I’ll report progress as I go.

5 thoughts on “Back to the grind…

  1. Lee I’m intermittent fasting and I’m finding it absolutely brilliant. If you time it right then you use fat adaption for fuel. 8lbs in two weeks must mean something is happening for the best. The first few days were hardest but after that it’s plain sailing 😁 You should try it…….

    • Wow that’s great, well done! I’ll likely end up doing that too as I find I’m hungry when I get in from work, so o eat early then don’t eat until breakfast, so end up doing IF without trying. Well, that’s what happened before and hopefully will again- back on track today, day 1 after my holiday 😂

    • Well they tend to be highly refined/processed, are unstable at high temps (ie not good to cook with). I use olive oil for dressings and cook with coconut oil and butter which are more stable at high temps. Olive oil tends to be cold pressed rather than refined at high temps, so you still get the goodness without the chemical rubbish.

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