Just to say….

….I’ve signed up for a triathlon next August 😱

It’s time to get on the other side of supporting barrier and claim some glory for myself. I’m going to race (ha!) the Cotswold Classic on the 5th of August. For those unfamiliar, this is essentially a middle-distance triathlon (half-Ironman if you will) comprising a 1.8 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride followed by a little cool-down jaunt of a half marathon. Easy.  

I’ve been on the start-line of 2 middle distance tris before, and the finish line of 1, and I came last. This time I aim not to come last 😀 

So I suppose I’d better get off the couch….

3 thoughts on “Just to say….

  1. Hope to be other side of barrier supporting you Pea
    Nearer time will sort camping for you
    Plus you’re more than welcome to come up and do a reccie of the course with me

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